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The list of games that we offer here is the result of the work of the best developers: Betsoft Gaming, Rival Gaming and Sheriff Gaming are the most respected names in the market. The graphics and animations of your games will immerse you and you will see more than your game. Take advantage of these free games as God commands. Have fun!

The keno is an ultra-popular lottery game in Hispanic countries, in the same style as bingo. This is a game originally from China where it was invented thousands of years ago. At that time, keno allowed the Leung dynasty to subsidize the creation of an army that allowed the country to defend itself against its assailants. Later, this direct ancestor of keno was used as a pedagogical tool: by playing keno children learned to read and write, the numbers we know today replaced the acronym of Chinese literature. No one could guess that keno would be destined to satisfy the urges of many millions of bettors in the s.XXI. But if the keno figure today as an ultra-popular lottery game is not actually by chance. Its simple rules and vertiginous profits give in the target of the interested ones.

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