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Playing the dice for free brings many advantages. First, in doing so you take no risk. He does not put any money into play and does not risk losing his fortune or his savings and this is very important. In addition, when playing free dice, you also have the time you need to try the game, get acquainted with it and find the arrangements that satisfy you. The demo mode is therefore an ideal formula for debutantes because it allows you to make sure and learn the basics of the game at your own pace, without effort and without suffering the pressure of defeat.

Oh, the game cards! Do not you remember anything? It is unlikely. We all have buried in our memories this image of our parents about to scratch those pieces of colored cardboard with the help of a coin. It must be said that playing cards have existed in Spain since the 1990s and nowadays have already transformed the customs of consumption of our elders. The first scratch card was patented in 1987 by an American engineer, (Is such a level of experience required to set up a vulgar piece of paper?) We agree that it is a bit unusual.